Sam Naidicz


Freelance Filmmaker / Video Editor


Hi, my name is Samuel Naidicz and I would be thrilled to shoot your wedding video!

The day of someones wedding is one of the most significant and special days of their lives. My goal is to capture this beautiful memory for friends and families to share for years to come. 

Born and raised in Stillwater, MN, I began developing a love for videography at an early age. Shooting videos became a growing passion of mine as the years went on. While taking film production courses in school and earning a degree in cinematography, I began working on passion projects and any freelance work I could get my hands on. I secured my first wedding gig in the summer of 2019 and the rest was history.I was immediately drawn in. The chaos, intensity and fast paced environment is what intrigued me, but helping others while doing what I love is what keeps me going.

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